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Tuition Rules

  1. Tuition must be paid in full prior to the starting date of each new semester.

  2. There will be a $20.00 registration fee.

  3. $10.00 tuition appreciation credit will be applied for each new student referral.

  4. Tuition is due in full prior to the semester start. Please read the make up policy for any missed classes.

  5. Tuition is non-refundable regardless of the reason.

  6. An absent class is eligible for make up if it meets the conditions defined in the make up section.

  7. Families with a second student enrolled with ADAA will receive a 5% sibling discount. The discount will be based on the lower tuition amount.

  8. Tuition rate is listed here. It is subject to be adjusted when necessary.

Annual Performance Rules

  1. There will be no refund of any tuition for the annual performance fees and costume fees.

  2. The student must participate in the dress rehearsal at ADAA and the stage rehearsal at the selected theater in order to be qualified as a performer in the Annual Performance.

  3. ADAA will disqualify any student absent or late for any rehearsals and Picture Day.

  4. Each parent will be appreciated as a helper during rehearsals and on Picture Day. ADAA will assign the helper in each year with rotation.

  5. No pictures are to be taken during the formal Annual Performance. No food and drinks are allowed in the theatre during the entire show (including the rehearsal.) There will be a $200 fine or dismiss from the show for any noncompliance.

  6. Students will be responsible for preparing any hair accessories and fixing their hair (accordingly) before coming to the studio.

  7. A pair of dance shoes and pants will be required for purchase at ADAA per dance requirement.

  8. Your individual picture published in the program brochure  can be obtained from ADAA after the show. The picture can be downloaded into your own USB or emailed to you.


  1. Makeup class eligibility

    a. A student is eligible for a makeup class if it was notified to the ADAA 24 hours or more prior to the class schedule.
    b. The eligibility of a make-up is valid for 30 days if the make up class is available. It expires 30 days after the absence. There will be no credit if the make-up class is not attended.
    c. There can only be one make up class per month regardless of the number of classes missed.

  2. ADAA reserves the right to change or modify this policy based upon instructor availability and teaching needs.


  1. Students must attend the class promptly at the start time and adhere to the ADAA dress code.

    2. Students arriving the class 20 or more minutes late will not be allowed into the classroom

PRIVATE DANCE (Solo, Duet, Trios, )

  1. To be eligible for a solo performance at the annual showcase, the student must have attended a minimum of 40 hours of class at ADAA in the previous year.

  2. To be qualified for a 10 yr and older solo program, a minimum level of 8 is required . 

  3. In addition to the general performance fee,  there is a private performance fee ( solo $100, Duet  $50 or trios $40).

  4. A full page in the showcase brochure ($200) or a half page ($100) is required.

  5. There is no refund or credit or make up for absence unless notified to ADAA 24 hours prior to the class schedule and  availability of instructor.

  6. There is no refund if one of student absent from the Duet and Trios


  1. The student must participate in at least 3.5 hours of dance training per week.

  2. The student is required to perform two or more programs at the annual performance.

  3. ADAA classes should be the first priority in the schedule of the daily activities.

  4. Absence for any personal reason is not acceptable, other than medical emergency.

  5. The student is required to join the community service through performance. (Chinese Festival, Christmas, celebration, etc…)



  1. Every student must wear the school’s dance clothes and shoes.

    Tights shoes
    Hair style
    Hair bow
    Kidder, Level 1
    Level 2
    Rose Pink with shirt
    Level 3
    Rose Pink no skirt
    Level 4 & up
    Level 4&up (Advance)
    Black with color strips
    Black Pants
  2. All dance accessories are available at the Achieve Dance Arts Academy

Hair Net
Hair Bow



  1. Students need to meet the dress code in order to enter the classroom.

  2. The use of cell phones or any other electronic device is prohibited during class.

  3. No visitors or family members are allowed inside of the classroom.

  4. Only proper dance shoes are allowed to be worn in the classroom.

  5. No food or drinks are allowed inside of the classroom.

  6. It is important that all students listen to and follow the instructor’s instructions.

  7. There should be no talking or chasing in the class. This is a time for discipline and learning.

  8. Students will bring their own water and drink water only in the kitchen. Soda or any juice is not allowed.

Class Placement

  1. ADAA will evaluate student skill and determine the level for appropriate placement.


  1. It will be the responsibility of the parents to arrange student transportation to the ADAA.

  2. Parents MUST drop student into the class room.

After class

Parent pick up is in the Lobby.



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